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We believe in equipping you with the knowledge and tools you need to make informed decisions in your business buying journey. That's why we offer a wide range of free resources including 100’s of articles covering various aspects of the buying process. No fluff, no nonsense—just real, practical guidance from industry experts who have already successfully done what you are trying to do. Dive into these invaluable resources to deepen your understanding and gain the confidence to easily navigate the complexities of buying a business.

About Richard Parker

Your No BS Expert To Help You Buy Your Dream Business

Hi, I’m Richard Parker, I will teach you everything you need to know about buying businesses. With more than three decades of experience under my belt, I’m here to cut through the fluff and give you practical, no-nonsense advice that actually works. I know EXACTLY what every prospective buyer is going through because I have gone through it myself having purchased 14 businesses and looking at hundreds of potential deals.

I know how frustrating and difficult it can be to deal with unresponsive brokers, misleading business-for-sale ads, sellers who misrepresent their financials, looking at endless listings, businesses loaded with problems that are presented as being great opportunities, and trying to figure out what is the right business to buy. I will personally guide you at every step.

My flagship course, “How to Buy a Good Business at a Great Price©,” has helped thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs like you achieve their dreams of business ownership. I won’t sugarcoat anything—I’m here to provide you with the real, proven strategies and tools you need to succeed.

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Enough beating around the bush—it’s time to take control of your future. My comprehensive courses and guides will equip you with the essential skills and tools to buy a good business at a great price. No fluff, no bullshit—just real-world, proven, practical advice that will help you navigate the complex world of business acquisitions with confidence.

Join me on this journey to financial freedom and business ownership. Buying a business is not difficult; but the process is complicated. There are specific steps you need to follow, and critical knowledge you must possess to successfully navigate your way to the right business.

10 Things Sellers Won’t Tell You

How to Buy a Good Business At a Great Price© Course

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How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price©

The bad news

According to industry statistics, over 90% of the people who begin the search to buy a business fail to ever complete a purchase. Even worse, the average person looks at business for sale listings for 18 months and still, they never buy one!

Why so many failures?

There were several common reasons given by those who failed to realize their dream of business ownership, or worse, ended up buying a bad business. Most were first-time buyers and they admitted to having totally underestimated just how much was involved with each stage of the buying process.

There is some good news

82% of the people who use our program and ongoing support buy the right business within 6 months. When you buy a good business, the rewards will be incredible, but don’t try to guess your way ahead. Shouldn’t you first learn how to buy the right one?


What we have done


Iggy Domagalski

Calgary, AB
“I read ‘How to buy a good business at a great price©️‘ and it changed my life. That started me and my partners on a road to buying businesses, and since then we have used its principals to buy 10 businesses with 300+ employees and $200M + in annual sales and learned a lot of crazy lessons along the way. Thanks for inspiring us! A couple weeks ago I called up Richard to chat about our journey and to learn about his. It was one of the most enjoyable conversations I’ve ever had and reinforced how much I respect Richard as a business leader. Pick up the program for yourself. It might just change your life too!”

Odette D'Aniello

Celebrity Cake Studio - Tacoma, WA
“I was going through old e-mail and found some of our correspondence. I just wanted to say THANK YOU once again. I can attest that you helped me through what could have been a complex transaction. Since purchasing the business we have tripled our volume and our profit has grown 50% annually. I highly recommend you and your service. Thanks again.”

Jeff Boaz

San Diego, CA
“Your course is superb. My only regret is that I had not run across this resource earlier, prior to my last business.”

Don Wilson

Tulsa, OK
I would like to take the time to write you a letter to thank you for your course “How to buy a Good Business at a Great Price©️” and what it has done for me. I worked in financial services for over 10 years and was able to save and invest some money. I always wanted to own my own business (traditional) and was seeking knowledge when I happened upon your course. I ordered it and closed on our first business six months later. It was a retail mall based bulk candy store that wasn’t making any money for the absentee owner after two years of operations. After a thorough review of the business using your techniques I was convinced that we could make a profit and add value. By the year-end we had made all of our initial investment back and had a very nice profit – I was hooked! To make a long story short last July I was able to purchase my biggest competitor and increased our revenue by 250% and our profits by a whopping 290% and yes I now know how to buy a good business at a great price©️….thanks to your course! Today my family and I are living the lifestyle that as a child I could not even imagine! Again thank you for your time, knowledge and inspiration. All the best.”

Peter Shea

Chairman and CEO - Entrepreneur Magazine
“How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price©️ is the most complete program on buying a business that I have ever read.”

Ozzie Clausell

Miami, FL
“I finally bought my first business (My life long dream). It is a Breakfast & Lunch Cafe in Downtown Miami. The ride has been incredible, lots of learning on the go. Your book was awesome. It really gave me an excellent base of knowledge to work with.”

Gil Takemori

San Jose, CA
 “I’ve just completed the purchase of an established business with a 30-year history, now retiring its second owner. Your guide was perfect in helping me select this business, especially in assessing its value. Thanks again for your personal attention to my purchase and pursuits.”

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