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How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price© works for the purchase of any type of existing business or for the acquisition of a franchise resale. The proven strategies in the course have been formulated based upon over one thousand business for sale evaluations and successful acquisitions in a huge range of sectors including service businesses, manufacturing, distribution, e-commerce, retail and for every possible type of business within these categories. Whatever business you are considering, the information applies. As a bonus to the main program, the course includes industry specific guides.

Yes…without a doubt. This is such a critical part of buying a business. A business must be right for you to be successful, and we cover this in detail addressing your strengths, weaknesses, past experience, and key considerations so you will quickly focus your search on businesses that are right for you.

The guide is divided into 23 lesson modules that take an average of one-hour to complete. As you go through the various steps in the business-buying process, you will find yourself going back to parts of the material as an added guide to be sure you are following the right steps and techniques.

The surefire way to know if an information program works is by the guarantee a company offers and we stand by every promise we make to you about our material. We offer a 100% no-questions asked guarantee with no time limit. If you are not blown away by the information in the program and the support we provide, we will refund your entire purchase price.

We guide you every step of the way. You will be immediately enrolled in our Personalized Consulting Program™. If you have any questions, need some advice about a particular situation, want us to review a listing or the financials, or require guidance about how to negotiate a certain part of the deal, our team will provide you with unbiased expert advice. Simply email us and outline the issue and we will provide you with a detailed reply, or when necessary, set up a call to review it with you.

There is NO cost whatsoever for this service and you can use it as often as needed.

Buying a business is not difficult, but it can be complex. That is why we have laid out the program in a simple-to-follow format that breaks down every step into concise and manageable pieces. These are not textbook theories that don’t work in the real world. The pages are packed with practical, real-world advice that anyone can follow. The format is a building block approach for each module that provides you with tested strategies and everything you need to know, what to do, and how to do it for every step.

How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price© has been used successfully by individual business buyers in more than 80 countries. While there may be some minor unique issues in some countries, the vast majority of the knowledge you need and the steps to follow for the entire process of buying a business is the same regardless of your geographic location. Determining what type of business is right for you, where and how to find it, compiling valuations, negotiating deal terms, and conducting a flawless due diligence review are applicable wherever businesses are bought and sold and How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price© covers all of these steps for you.

No. After you place your order, you will see a link to download the materials. All the files, Interactive Resources and Resources to Print are in pdf, Word, and Excel formats.

Yes. Every file is formatted to be fully printable.

There are a lot of programs and videos available about buying businesses so how do you choose the right one?

The first group are either generic books that really do not provide many details into navigating through all of the steps and situations that you will encounter, or they are written in textbook language for Harvard MBAs, and simply not practical for smaller business acquisitions.

Next are the con artists. Unfortunately, in recent years, the market has been bombarded with tons of scams headed by self-anointed “gurus” selling programs for thousands of dollars with ridiculous claims about showing you how to buy a business with hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits for no money down, with wild lies that you can do all of this in a few weeks. That is complete BS. Most of these people have never even done what they are selling programs about. They take advantage of people. They are not experts at buying businesses; they are slick marketers. Don’t fall for their sales pitch. If their information really worked, they would guarantee results but once they take your money, they are gone. Simply look at their refund policies – they don’t offer one.

There is not a single resource available that covers the process like our materials do – you will learn exactly what you need to know for every step, what to do, and most importantly how to do it. We have been helping people like you for over 30 years and our materials are updated constantly. Further, we provide unlimited free consultation to you and an iron-clad money-back guarantee with no expiration.

Under the right scenario, franchises can be a good choice for some people, but not all. We like franchises however, we strongly believe that you should buy an existing one with a track record so you marry the best of franchises with an existing business. The program covers these situations in great detail and includes a comprehensive due diligence section for franchise purchases.



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