“I am writing to let you know how much I got from your program. I bought Superior Windows & Doors and felt it was a diamond in the rough.  We have done better every month than the prior owner since we took over. I highly recommend your material to people that even hint that they would like to be business owners. We would not be here without your guidance. Thank you.”

Roy Cooper – Ashland , OR

“Well, I finally closed on the business. I would not have been able to go through the entire process without your course and your personal guidance. There were many challenges along the way. I just kept reading and rereading your course throughout. Thank you for all of your help.”

Robert Rock, Jr. – Webster, NY

“I would like to take the time to write you a letter to thank you for your course “How to buy a Good Business at a Great Price” and what it has done for me. I worked in financial services for over 10 years and was able to save and invest some money. I always wanted to own my own business (traditional) and was seeking knowledge when I happened upon your course. I ordered it and closed on our first business six months later. It was a retail mall based bulk candy store that wasn’t making any money for the absentee owner after two years of operations. After a thorough review of the business using your techniques, I was convinced that we could make a profit and add value. By the year-end we had made all of our initial investment back and had a very nice profit – I was hooked! To make a long story short last July I was able to purchase my biggest competitor and increased our revenue by 250% and our profits by a whopping 290% and yes I now know how to buy a good business at a great price….thanks to your course! Today my family and I are living the lifestyle that as a child I could not even imagine! Again thank you for your time, knowledge and inspiration. All the best.”

Don Wilson – Venice, FL

“I can’t thank you enough for your course and your counseling. I purchased an automotive repair business and am doing pretty well with it starting into my second month. The course is right on and taught me a wealth of information about buying a business. Thanks again for sharing your information and helping people like me.”

Bruce Dunker – Tyrone , NM

 “I’m closing a business purchase next month and I wanted to let you know that your manual was a very useful tool in making that decision. I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life so this wasn’t my first business purchase. If this manual been available before, I could have saved a ton of money and avoided some big mistakes on my other purchases.”

Terry Huston – Tampa, Florid
"I want to let you know that I'm a “10 Percenter”. I bought your program in mid September last year and closed on my business in January. Your program was very insightful and definitely provided the guidance for me to get this far. I just wanted to tell you so you can add to your statistics. Thanks!"

Fred Graff

Louisville, KY
“Your customer service is superb! Thanks again.”

Jeff & Janice Wulbert

Palatine, IL
"It is with great pleasure and relief that I can say that we have completed the acquisition of Beech Builders. The process was an immense experience, and your book and active support has made a real contribution on all the different stages of the process. We are particularly pleased that we could manage to bring the deal in within in 10 weeks, from the day that we saw the advert, to completion. Thanks for your support."

Le Roux Cilliers Director

4Comfort Limited Wokingham, United Kingdom
"I have completed the purchase of another pest control company – Superior Termite and Pest Control to go along with my other company Alexandria Pest Services. Your information was very helpful and I would recommend it to everyone. Thanks again."

Richard A. Diggs – Alexandria, VA

Alexandria Pest Services
“Your book is fabulous and very informative. I've learned a tremendous amount of information and it is helping me with the whole business buying process. To get this amount of information would take years of talking to many different people and then filtering out information and by that time I would be ready to retire. Thank-you for the program.”

Arthur Pottorff

Palm Bay, Florida
“Allow me to start by thanking you again for writing such a wonderful program, without your wisdom my wife and I would still be staring at the ceiling in utter confusion. My wife and I wanted to let you all know that we did it! We bought a business and we owe a lot of it to all of your support! Your program enabled us to go from not having a clue to having a strong sense and understanding of what buying a business entails. Without your program we would never have felt secure enough to actually purchase a business.”

Dean & Stacy Talbot

Glendale, CA
“Thank you so much for a wonderful "how to" guide. I found it to be invaluable. I'm under contract and in the due diligence phase to purchase a pet products company. The lists for due diligence are GREAT! Reading this guide was time & money well spent. My business broker, accountant and lawyer were all impressed with my preparedness and well thought out questions.”

Cindy Ozmun

Warwick, RI
“I am a retired auditor with 30+ years of experience and an additional 15 years of concurrent experience in retail. My wife has 10 years experience in the Hospitality and Travel Industry with 10 years of concurrent experience in retail. We are presently in the process of purchasing a retail gift shop for my wife that specializes in high quality unique items. My wife and I bought two books. One at Barnes and Noble titled "So You Want To Own The Store" by Brown and Tilling; the other, your program. While the first book was helpful, we both found it lacking in the necessary information to make our decision. Yours however proved to be invaluable. We liked the detailed examples, formulas, and forms. The "Here's What You Need To Know" and "Required Materials" sections proved to be the most valuable part of the book. We would recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn about starting and/or buying a business.”

Fred Watson

Pitman, NJ
“I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you as well as your staff at Diomo Corp. It’s a real pleasure to do business with honest professional people/company such as yourselves.”

Manuel Cheskes

Houston, TX
“Today we ordered another copy of your course. A few years ago my wife and I were approaching age 55. I was staring unemployment in the face and did not relish my prospects at finding another suitable position in the technology industry. We decided to explore buying a business. Our first step was to buy your course. We based our search, due diligence, and valuation almost exclusively on your methods. Due to liquidity issues we needed a bank loan to move forward. When we walked into a bank with a detailed business plan, due diligence materials, and calculation value, our bank said they had never seen anyone so prepared to buy a small business. Instead of steering us towards an SBA loan, they made the loan direct to us. We purchased a property management business (we didn’t know what this was when we started the search) for approximately $300,000. Today, using the same valuation methods we value the business at $1,200,000. Our owner benefit has grown from $131,700 to $315,200 in four years. We are seeking additional opportunities and thus decided to purchase your course again (We gave my original copy to our son who is an MBA student).”

Ralph Weidner

Gulf Breeze Management Services, LLC – Bonita Springs, FL

“Thank you for your book How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price.  My wife and I read it thoroughly and used many of your tools to help us decide to buy our business.  We believe your book truly helped us to arrive at the decision that was best for us.  Thank you again for capturing your own personal insights in this book, so that others may benefit from your experience.”

Adam Mandry – Owner – VIP Cleaners of the Lehigh Valley – Schnecksville, PA 

“Investing in your course has been fantastic.  It is extremely well organized, fast paced, and gets to the bottom line!  Your status/encouragement e-mails are also great motivators. Thank you for your guidance with my questions.”

Steven Krug – Signal Mountain, TN

“I just wanted to let you know that I bought a business and that I attribute a large part of my success in pursuing this exciting journey through to the end to your course and support. I think your course “How to Buy a Good Business at a Great Price” may be the best value in an education I have come across. I don’t think I would have made it to the exclusive club of “10 Percenters” without it. When I first ordered it, I was expecting something like the typical “get rich quick in real estate without any money” courses I have wasted money on before with little substance and lots of hype. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was exactly as you represented it and just about every word in it is helpful and practical. It enabled me, a first time buyer, to organize the process of buying a business into easily achievable steps, thus removing the intimidation factor I experienced early on without it. I have been very pleased with the quality and timeliness of your advice whenever I have contacted you with a question concerning the particulars of a business, a contract, or a strategy. Just having a quick conversation with you regarding some unique situation or another has helped get me over the hump and allowed me to move forward Thanks again.”

Scott Gusakov – President – Edison-Scott Industrial, LLC – Ann Arbor, MI

“I have successfully bought a business; this was within four months of purchasing your course. I am now owner and President of Atlas Chemical Corp. I want to thank you for all of the information as it was very helpful to me in finding and purchasing this company.”

Terry McGinn- Cedar Rapids, IA

“Great suggestions even for someone like myself who has significant experience analyzing companies professionally. The book and support is worth every penny. Thanks again.”

Gerald Lee- Pasadena, CA
“Thank you for the great customer service”

Eric Williams

Oak Bluffs, MA
“I bought your "How to Buy a Good Business..." training course last year and I want to say "THANK YOU!" I closed on the purchase of a custom picture framing business in Pittsford, New York last Thursday and I got a very good business at a great price. Your program prepared me every step of the way and helped me avoid some mistakes. Most importantly it gave me the confidence to keep going even when some obstacles arose that delayed the closing. The materials helped me to be very prepared with cash flow estimates and a business plan when I met with the lending officer of a local bank. He started telling me stories about how unprepared other people who want to borrow to buy a business usually are. Within a week they had offered an amount that was just a few thousand less than I'd asked for. Thanks again for the excellent training materials.”

Rod Burleigh

Rochester, NY
"Just a note to tell you that I have purchased a business and am in the process of completing the transaction. Thanks again for the great course."

John Buso

Watertown, CT
“Your book has been a true lifesaver and in about one week I have begun to bang heads with some of my peers in philosophical discussions about buying a business. Many with MBAs are from top schools like UCLA, USC, etc. To be honest, your down and dirty reality based information is letting me crush them pretty good, which has been fun! Thanks again.”

Jason Galetti

San Diego , CA
“THANK YOU!!!! What a responsive and helpful corporation. I have and will continue to recommend this book and your firm to everyone I come in contact with who is looking to buy a great business.”

Lee Ann G. Anderson

Wellsville, PA
“Thank you for checking up on me and I must admit I really find the material I bought from you invaluable and inspiring. It's helping me through this important time of buying a business and has served as very good business education altogether.”

Femi Asogbon

London , UK
“Please accept my many thanks for your course on how to buy a business. It has to be one of the best investments I have made regardless of the nominal sum. It not only gave me very sound advice and instructions on every aspect of identifying and purchasing a business, It also gave me the courage to do it and be one of the 10% who succeed!”

Jack Moses

Haworth, NJ
“Your course has been very helpful and has enabled me to feel confident at looking at businesses.”

David Moore

Southaven , Mississippi
“You folks should be applauded and accolades paid, what an up front way of doing business. You most certainly have earned my trust and believe me I do not give that easily!”

Peter Clarke

Huntington Beach, California
"By way of background, I have completed acquisition due diligence for approximately 15 acquisitions over my 22 year career and would consider myself pretty good at it. Given my current desire to buy my own business, I thought I would find out what others had to say on the topic. I purchased a book on buying a business from the bookstore, read it in a couple of days and found it somewhat useful. I think the cost of that book was about $10. I had previously identified your book on the Internet, but wasn't sure it was worth the download price versus the bookstore price of other similar books. After looking through the table of contents I decided to download it. That was Friday and this is Sunday afternoon. I just completed the material. While I would consider myself a well informed individual on acquisitions, I found your book very insightful and practical. I clearly got way more than the purchase price value in practical ideas. Great job! This is a very valuable service, even for an expert.”

Ross Baldwin

Poway, CA

“After reading your book I located a business for a very good price and I placed an offer. The owner agreed to carry half the loan on 3 years at prime plus 2 points. Thanks for all your information.  What a great service you offer.”

Jon Brown – Santa Monica, CA

“You’ll be happy to know we made an offer on a business 4 weeks after finishing your book and we will close the first of next month. Your book was tremendously helpful in our quest for buying a business. You provide a great service for people looking to own a business.  I don’t know what we would have done without your book! Thank you.”

Melinda & Ed Adams – Farmers Branch, TX

“As a result of the lessons, approaches, thoughts and ideas that you have shared with me in your How to Buy a Good Business at a Great Price my wife and I have purchased a business that generates $5 million in gross revenues and 18% Discretionary Income to the owner (us) each year. I put nothing down and purchased it for a balloon payment due in five years. The sellers will stay for 3 years at reduced compensation and reduced duties! I refer to your book (my business acquisition bible) whenever I am in the process of acquiring a new business, as a reference and a refresher.Thank you so much for all of your help, personal advice and counsel. They have changed our lives forever!”

Ron and Elena Duguid, Westfield, NJ

“Just a quick note to say we have now joined the 10%ers rather than the 90%ers. Thanks to the information from you e books we have just are just about to close on a business. Despite a lot of hard work and a lot of chasing around at all hours due to the time difference here in the UK, we finally got everything done and are now on our way to the USA. Thanks again for all the great information.”

Gary and Carole Cook – Hyde Park, FL

“The material has helped me focus on my key success factors in screening a business. It has saved me a lot of time/research in screening out my 1st 2 businesses.”

Rob Haworth -Cupertino, CA
“When you read “How to Buy a Business at a Great Price” by Richard Parker, you immediately know that he has been there and done that. A no-nonsense must read for anybody who is seriously interested in acquiring a business.”

Adolfo Pecchio

President & CEO -LatCapital, LLC - Caracas, Miranda, Venezuela
“Just wanted to touch base and say hi. I am getting thru the material a little slower than I like but boy has it been a real help. I am currently a business owner. I have 2 businesses that my husband and I are currently running. I wish I had purchased your report before we started this second one. We have decided that we are going to sell and are in the process of looking for a broker. We will purchase another one. This time we'll be smarter and wiser thanks to you.”

Brenda Gooden

Arlington, TX
“I have found and purchased a terrific business in the southwest. I read your program after purchasing it over the web, and during the course of my search for a company I went back to it several times. Having been in business as an employee, minority owner, plus a senior lending officer; I knew the mechanics. What your book provided was insights, such as "Do you picture yourself doing this? I rejected several in that condition, usually in discussing it with my wife, or a close friend and advisor. I came close on a couple deals, each of which I took hard, because I really wanted to run the specific business. It does take some time to recover from that, as you pointed out. I purchased the operating franchises for Arizona and New Mexico from a husband and wife who have become close friends.”

Gary Johns

Glenview, Illinois
"I wanted to express our sincere gratitude to you in the development of your HOW TO BUY A GOOD BUSINESS AND MAKE IT GREAT. We diligently read, followed and used much of your material to complete our recent purchase of a business."

Michelle Ferry

Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia
"As you assisted me in my project to acquire a business, I feel that I should give you some feedback. I completed the purchase and I would like to thank you for the useful advice and information you provided me and to wish you well."

Bryan Richards

Irvine, CA
“Your list for Due Diligence is fantastic. Thanks”

Joseph Boy

West Valley City, Utah
“I wanted to thank you profusely for your training. Without the knowledge in those pages I would never have had the courage to take on my life long dream of owning my own family business. My son is also excited, since he will be the manager during the day while I keep my full-time job until the business flourishes. Each time I run into a snag, I opened the book and started re-reading pages until the anxiousness left and the solution arrived. By next week, I should be a business owner! Again, thanks for everything.”

Kathlyne L. Jackson

Lanham, MD
“I just wanted to send you an email and let you know that I finally purchased a business. I'm NOT a 90 Percenter! It took longer than I had anticipated, but I wasn't just interested in purchasing any business, I wanted to purchase a good business that met all/most of my criteria. Your course was a significant help to me as I educated myself to make an acquisition. I will recommend it to anyone that is thinking about buying a business. When I purchased the course, I didn't realize that you and I would end up communicating via email and telephone calls. I want to thank you for being helpful and supportive as I went through the process. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you and let you know that your book had helped me significantly.”

Roger Haney

Chicago, IL
“I wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the comprehensive data you supplied me! It is the first e-book I have purchased that I could honestly say was worth every penny paid. The interesting thing about my accolades is that for most of my life I have been self employed. In fact, I built one company and took it public. Once public, we made numerous acquisitions to grow the company. I also did M&A work with one of the largest Investment Banks in the US in the mid 1980's. Currently, I run National Loan Production for one of the largest wholesale mortgage bankers in the US, we are owned by General Electric. Great job! But, I miss being self employed! I am telling you this to drive home the point that I was already fairly well versed on your subject matter and STILL learned a lot!”

Dan Rawitch

Santa Clarita, CA
“I am very appreciative of your assistance Richard. You have gone further than just business with your level of concern and counsel. It is truly appreciated.”

Ron Haroldsen

Kingsburg, CA

“I had purchased your program “How to Buy A Good Business At A Great Price” three months ago. I have just purchased my first business. Thank you very much; the material was very helpful.”

Hussain Baqueri- Albertson, NY

 “I bought your book a couple of months ago and found it very, very helpful. It has provided me with a wealth of important information. Actually, I’d go as far as to say it inspired me enough to sell my house in England, buy a biz in Florida and I’m glad to say that I am now amongst the 10% who has gone through and pulled the trigger. So THANKYOU VERY MUCH !!! I truly believe you personally have gone way beyond what is normally expected and I thank you very much for your services. ”Without buying your book I’d almost certainly have pulled out at an early stage.”

Julian Schembri – Worcester Park, Surrey, United Kingdom

“I wanted to update you on the progress I have made with the business in North Carolina. We came to an agreement on the purchase price and I have been able to establish an excellent relationship with the owner. We have a signed letter of intent and we’re set to close the middle of next month. So far, things have moved rather quickly and smoothly! I would like to thank you for all of your assistance throughout this process as well as all the other phone conferences and email discussions prior to this. Both the course and your personal support have lived up to what was promoted on the web site and have definitely exceeded my expectations. Your guidance and feedback has been very valuable, and I appreciate all of your help. Your course has been instrumental in preparing me for all of the stages of buying a business, especially the investigation, negotiation and due diligence. Thank you again for all of your support!”

Todd Hoellig – Boston, NY

“I cannot tell you enough how fantastic I think your course is. The amount of information is incredible and although my husband and I have owned many successful businesses in Europe it is proving invaluable regarding the USA market and protocol. I also love the way it is written – like a friend talking to you in a language you understand.”

Yvonne and Peter Jackson – Bradenton, Florida

“First of all I must thank you for the wonderful course “How to buy a Good Business at a Great Price”. I have bought or looked at many other books regarding buying a business and yours is miles ahead as far as I’m concerned. ”

Pierre Levesque- Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
“We just wanted to say THANK YOU! With your coaching and help my wife and I purchased our first business in December. We have never been so impressed by someone whom we've never met and with the fantastic wealth of information in your book! We made it through our first year and just like you said it is the most satisfying work of our lives. We purchased a local Real Estate company in our area of the California foothills. Using all of the techniques and lessons in your brilliantly written program we successfully negotiated a great price, and unbelievably even negotiated a 95% balance of sale at 0% interest! Our first year of gross Real Estate sales will come in just shy of $50 Million Dollars. Talk about return on investment! We absolutely could not have done this without your guidance. We recommend your program to all of our friends who ask how we did it.”

Michael “Scott” and Debra Garcia

Timberline Realty, Inc. – Cool, CA
“Back in July I purchased your ebook online. Shortly thereafter I found a business opportunity that I was interested in. I used the techniques in your book and also solicited your advice which was very helpful. In the end, I was outbid by another buyer. I then followed your suggestion that every business is for sale. I wrote a letter to the owner of the original company's competitor. I followed it up with a phone call and then a meeting. He has agreed to sell the business and we are currently working out the details. I wanted to thank you for your support and assistance. I also wanted to let you know that I should soon be on of the 10% that follow through and buy a business. Thanks Again.”

Michael L. Plue

San Marcos, CA
"In my 20 years of self-employment, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on seminars, books and tapes. I have learned more from your course than I have from all of those previous courses combined. Your simple, step-by-step, common sense approach makes it, not only the most comprehensive course on business purchasing, but also the easiest to apply."

Cody Francis

Las Vegas, NV
"Thank you for the most amazing business course/purchasing guide I have ever come across. It was an answer to my prayers. I was confident that I could and should buy a business but I had no idea where to start, or how to plan. Your course kept me on track and focused and the personal advice that you provided me with was priceless. It took me just three months to buy the right business and I know it's right because we've had two record sales months in the four months I've now owned it. All I can say is this is a must read for anyone who wishes to buy a business, no matter their level of experience. I will be forever grateful to you."

Richard Strauch

Scranton, PA
“My name is Lisa Kelley and I purchased your material a short while ago. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for offering this type of service to the public. This is one of the best investments that my husband and I have ever made. The information contained in this material is outstanding, to say the least. It would have taken a very long time to learn and experience everything in this material and you need to become educated on every part of it. I know that we will not run into the problems that I also know we would have if we did not study this information.”

Lisa Kelley

Haddon Heights, NJ
“Very impressed with your program, wish I had it years ago it would have made and saved me many thousands of dollars.”

Zane and Sarah Bary

Nelson, South Island New Zealand
"Your information was critical in helping me to effectively search, analyze, decide, negotiate and buy my first business here in Jacksonville. Your course was central in putting me in a position of strength to make this happen. Thanks for a great product."

Dan Marone

Orange Park, FL
“I bought your product about 6 months ago. For two weeks, I parked myself in a coffee shop and made notes on each chapter. I then opened the papers, contacted business brokers, and let the word out that I was looking for a company. I’m delighted to inform you that I have just completed my first day at my new office. I purchased a small independent advertising company in Singapore – Rocket Media.. Your book certainly provided a solid footing for me to pursue a dream of owning my own business in Asia. Many times during the negotiations I was tempted to walk away. So I read and re read your chapter on pulling the trigger and kept that 90% figure in my mind. At the end of the day, I just pushed through and I am happy I did. Honestly, I wouldn’t have succeeded without your help. Thanks and best wishes.”

Marc Nicholson

"Dear Mr. Parker, Thank you for your emails and continuous reminders to stay focus. I would like to let you know that after delicate negotiations I have finally reached an agreement to purchase my first business."

Ghassan Hanna

Alpine, CA
“I have gone through all the material and found the book to be extremely helpful. Though I have acquired many companies during my career, the material was a source of new information as well as a great refresher. I referred to it often during this process.”

Larry Dressel

Centreville, VA

“Selecting the right business, in the right industry at the right time is a critical starting point if you are going to be successful. How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price will help you do just that.”

Brian Sher – Author of “What Rich People Know & Desperately Want to Keep Secret”

“The course gave me the essential information I was looking for, especially as to questions to ask when meeting the owner of a business I wanted to buy. I am now in the process of acquiring this business and will certainly recommend your course to anyone who wants to buy a business. Well done!”

Gary Franklin – Port Richmond, CA

“It gives me a real pleasure to tell you that I’m officially a business owner! Today, I closed the deal on a good business at a great price, and in no small way, that’s thanks to you. It was your book that gave me the inspiration and the courage to start down this path and the key lessons to turn desire into reality. Your highly motivational style of writing was my inspiration, as I’m sure it has also been to many others. In fact on my journey I even came across a couple of other people who’d heard of and bought your book. Not bad considering we’re across the pond!”

Nick Hayward – United Kingdom

“I wanted to thank you again for your advice and let you know how invaluable your course was to me.”

Barrett Schultz – Chicago, IL

“I’ve been through the course twice and would like to thank you for great insight detailing the whole process.”

Mario Andreou – Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa
“I wanted to give you an update on my success with buying an existing business. I purchased your book and had some correspondence with you via email. I started working at the business with the owner in May and closed on the purchase of the business on July 5th. We have increased sales by $330k over last year’s numbers. That is only 6 months into or fiscal year. This has been the best decision I have ever made. Your book assisted me in every step of the way. I was able to get the owner to carry a large note and also obtained an SBA loan.”

Scott Biernot

Los Angeles, CA
“Just a quick email to say that I have purchased my first business after taking your course a few months ago, a bakery that’s been in business for 10 years. Your course was very helpful and I used the templates provided to make professional looking offers and they saved me money when working with attorneys as I already had a "draft" of many documents. Thanks.”

Phillip Bach

Pickerington, Ohio
"What a great program!!! It has been so beneficial to me. It continues to make such a difference in my business buying process. I continue to learn so much. I was extremely lucky to have selected and ordered this program from the Internet. What a great choice. Thank you so much!"

Bill Esposito

Debary, Florida
"I have found your material to be very helpful in my quest to purchase a business. I actually bought it after I began my search and in the middle of a specific opportunity investigation. As a former long-time officer and executive of a Fortune 100 company with revenue and expense responsibility in the hundreds of millions of dollars I thought I had enough knowledge to start and finish this endeavor on my own, but I quickly found out that I was missing a few skills required to really find the right business at the right price. Then I stumbled across your book and bought it on a whim. I have found the material to be detailed, thorough, well written and formatted in a way that has helped me step-by-step through the process."

Jeff Clark

Highlands Ranch, CO
“I put together a low offer on one of the businesses, had a lawyer review it, and presented in with a 24 hour deadline for reply. We went back and forth and settled substantially less than list price, including double the training time, and seller financing. Had it not been for your book I would never have even received the counter offer (since I was an out-of-state buyer). But, I was able to analyze his figures, ask the correct open ended questions, and deal with the questions on my credit, background and qualifications, which you indicated I should have prepared. I was not the only buyer interested in the property but the owner felt I was most qualified to make it successful and I proved to him I was creditworthy. Thank you again for this great book. Thanks to being an informed buyer, I feel I have made an intelligent and sound business decision. This book helped me purchase my dream business in a busy traffic, high end location and provided me with an exciting future to look forward to! Thank you again!”

Andrea Packo

Pahrump, NV
“I completed the acquisition of the company I commented to you about. It's been a long and winding process of 27 weeks. I have learned a lot and was so fortunate to find people like you that wanted to help me. I think that some of the words that I write may sound familiar to you...my coach gave me the ball and said to me go-get 'em so I took the ball and run with it and will never look back. Thank you coach!”

Ed Vesga

Miami, FL
"Thank for your book. I like it's "no b.s." approach. The book gave my wife and me the courage to try and do just that…we are 2 weeks away from the close of escrow on a business. As a result, we are weeks away from taking ownership of a very upscale hair salon/beauty supply.”

Dennis and Cheryl Chumley

Huntington Beach, CA
"It’s truly wonderful to work with customer service oriented business who do what they promise. Again thanks for putting this program together."

Robert A Girard

Rocky Hill, CT
"It has been a few weeks since I have written, but I wanted to let you know that the seller and I were unable to come to an agreement but it turned out to be a blessing. I want to thank you again for your excellent book and for your kind advice during the negotiations. It was because of these that I had the power to walk away and look for the next deal. In your book you advise that we continue to look for businesses even while pursuing a particular business, and also that good businesses go fast. I followed your advice to the letter, and I was able to come to terms with the seller of a very good company which had just come on the market. The seller has agreed to carry over 70% of the price at 8% for 7 years. The sellers (husband and wife team) are retiring and are willing to stay as long as necessary to ensure a smooth transition. We get along well and it appears, so far, as a great opportunity and a great fit! Thanks for all you have done. Your book is, by far, the best "how-to" book I have ever seen. It is easy to see that, without this valuable resource, it would be easy to become one of the ninety percent who never buy. Good luck, and continued success!"

Jim Bolger

Scottsdale, AZ

“I purchased your training program in May. I quit my $100k chemical engineering job with a large oil company in August. Boy was I scared. I closed last week on a very profitable engineering company in the southeast US. They made over $500k last year and we expect to increase sales even further. It will be interesting to make that kind of money – it kind of boggles my mind! At any rate, I am just settling in and getting my head above water here, but I wanted to thank you for your training program and the confidence to make the leap. Thanks again!”

Judy Perkins – Stuart, FL

“Dear Mr. Parker, Thank you for your emails and continuous reminders to stay focused. I would like to let you know that after delicate negotiations I have finally reached an agreement to purchase my first business.”

Ghassan Hanna – Alpine, CA

“I finally closed on the purchase of German Motor Tech, in Norcross, GA. Thank you very much for your help and for guidance provided by the book. The information that you offered made the process much easier than it otherwise would have been. I have been amazed at the reaction from friends and acquaintances when I have told them that I was working to purchase a business. It seems that many, if not most people, have an unsatisfied desire to own their own business and be somewhat independent. Of course they express the idea that I’m very bold to pursue this dream. That is where your book, “How to Buy a Good Business at a Great Price” comes in. It guided me through the process – from start to successful conclusion and prepared me for what to expect and how to deal with challenges. I will be forever grateful to DIOMO for the additional assistance you provided to help me purchase my business. Richard, if you are ever in the Atlanta area, please give me a call. I owe you a dinner.”

Max Clavijo – Duluth, GA

“I wanted to let you know the material you created helped me tremendously in putting together a deal. We are now hammering out the Asset Purchase Agreement and the related documents, and will be closing on the transaction in the next month.”

Eric J. Breese, CPA, MBA – Elkhorn, WI

“This is an absolutely superb resource for every prospective business buyer.”

Russell Brown – President, Business Book Press, Leading expert and lecturer on small business valuations
“I thought I would let you know what happened since I bought your course. Working through the course made me aware of the finer nuances of buying a business I would never have thought of, as well as the process of negotiating. We identified a Liquor store at the coast (we have been looking at this particular store for years, and belonging to a man and wife team in their 70's was obviously run down and being neglected, but still making a very nice profit without any effort from their side - no advertising or marketing whatsoever). I contacted the owner directly, and this past weekend we flew down to meet and discuss this opportunity. I have prepared a list of 50 questions from your course, but this guy stated talking from my 1st question. The possibilities for this business is endless, and having the monopoly for about 40 kilometers (25 miles) either way down the coast and inland plus a real effort in marketing and advertising. And all this happened thanks to your course, which is one of the better investments I made in my life!! Thank you, this gave me the opportunity and confidence to take an option on a deal in 2 days! (Forgive my English, it's my 2nd language).”

Tiaan van der Merwe

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
"I am pleased to say that in the next 7-10 days we will be closing a deal to purchase a sporting goods and custom apparel business in Medway, MA, which is 8 miles from our home. Your training course was a huge help and I highly recommend it anyone who is serious about buying a business. Knowing that there is a real person behind the materials who actually makes contact with you to assist is very reassuring in a time of great uncertainty. Even though I had done several acquisitions for companies I worked for, there is something special about buying something that will belong to your family! Please feel free to use my comments in your marketing materials."

Tom Sager

Hopkinton, MA
“I'd like to inform you that last week I bought the business that we had talked about. As you know, the beginning is very difficult and stressful but things are slowly becoming easier. The most important thing is that so far the results have satisfied my expectations. I want to thank you once again for an excellent book which prepared me well for buying a business. I would especially like to thank you for the personal help you gave me which helped me a lot throughout the buying process. Your help really exceeded my expectations as that is very rare in these days. I hope that my business will be successful and I will update you later on. Thank you once again for all your help.”

Milovan Dodik

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
“I am both a business broker and a buyer. I have used How To Buy a Good Business At A Great Price over and over again as a perpetual source of great information. As a broker I can think of no better resource. When I meet with prospective buyers, I give them a copy of the Table of Contents and urge them to purchase a copy of the book for themselves. The book details every step in the buying process. When a buyer applies the lessons, he or she cannot go wrong. All of the fear and guess work is eliminated from the outset. As a business buyer, I recently completed the purchase of a pizza store in Illinois. Asking price $165,000. Purchase price $85,000. I used your two offer concept, all cash and one with terms. It worked like a charm, just like your manual states. I am confident that the deal I worked will quickly result in a great return on my investment. Thanks again for all the wonderful insight into business purchases.”

Michael Morris

Web MLS Biz Brokers – Bexley, OH
"I think this course is great. I've read at least 7 other books on buying or valuing a company. All great in theory, background and examples but none said "here is how you do it" and explained just that."

Andrew Borowiec

Totowa, NJ
“Thanks a million for the material. It was laid out very well. I have taken steps to purchase a business with operator benefit of 243K for a sell price of 245K with the owner financing 66% of the deal over 4 years. If I didn't ask, I'd be at a bank somewhere right now. Today letter of intent, soon to follow a purchase offer, due diligence and then closing.”

Dave Grimmett

Hoffman Estates, IL
“After twenty years in the corporate world I found myself unemployed. I was so afraid of making an expensive financial error at this stage in my life. I decided to follow your program and in less than five months I purchased an incredible business that has given me a new lease on life, it's doing great and I've never been happier."

Frank L. Williams

Sydney, Australia
“I bought your study course a few months back and am just about to make it through an LOI on my first business. I have been studying this thing forward and backwards, and everything is working exactly as you said. Everyone is impressed and says I am the most prepared buyer they have seen. It is no joke…..I’m telling you the way you wrote this course is truly like you are sitting right here coaching me every step of the way. This would have never been a process I would have been able to complete without this and I truly feel so fortunate to have found this on the internet so early in my pursuit for a “Good” business. I was on the right track looking for something that matched my background, but it gave me so much more insight, understanding, confidence and polish in really understanding each step and the order.”

Erin Applegate

Houston, Texas
"I just finished your book "How to buy a good business at a great price". I think it changed my universe. What a great how to do book. Probably the best I ever read."

Arpad Kovacs

Carlsbad, CA
“Your program and books are fantastic. They have provided me an increased knowledge in how to make buying a business a success. I have read most of the chapters several times, used the examples and techniques described and have already made an offer on a business. Both the seller's broker and my lawyer assumed that I had gone through this process several times. This is my first business purchase. And it may not be my last. This is fun.”

David Heath

Reston, VA

“Richard, I have found it to be an invaluable resource.”

Warren Miller- Potomac, Maryland

“I would like to give you some feedback on the program. I found the material and worksheets to be brilliant. They are extremely well set out, easy to follow, and make the business evaluation process just that much easier. I thank you for such a valuable product.”

Shane Baker – CEO – Business Success Masters – Balgowlah, NSW, Australia

“This product is fantastic. I love the way you get to the point. I found your section on accounting particularly interesting and useful. My wife and I both have MBAs, so we’re no strangers to financials; however, your way of getting to the “meat” is remarkable. As with most MBAs, our education was rooted in looking at “big” companies. Small businesses are a different animal all together.”

Burt Walker- Vine Grove, KY

I purchased your program and love it. It has been my guide through the process of finding and buying a business and has been an informative and insightful aide in my quest to buy a Good Business.”

Dale Raasch- Forest Lake, MN

“I have just finished my first reading of the book and planning to start a second reading so I can make notes as I go. It is very well written and exactly what I need, since I am new at buying a business. I like the way you simplify what seems like very complicated issues.”

Pam Mayer – Carmel, CA
“I bought your online UK guide on Friday, and have read most of it already. It is an encyclopedia of knowledge and I am learning shed loads - and not a moment too soon! I am quite far into the process of buying a business, and I have found that on the whole I seem to have instinctively followed a route not far from that suggested in your guide. Many thanks and once again I would like to say that, as you rightly predicted, the best money I have spent for a long time.”

Phil Howling

Kingsbridge, Devon – United Kingdom
“I purchased your How-to this past weekend. I’m up to Lesson 16 already. I have to tell you this was [if I do say so myself] a brilliant idea for me to purchase this. I’ve learned an incredible amount already. Some I knew from experience or general knowledge. This has already helped me as I’m in a situation where I own 15% of a company that we are selling. This has given me ideas from the sell side as well as the instruction that I needed on the buy side. Great product and I will recommend it highly.”

Kurt Tietjen

Floral Park, NY
"Hi Richard, I'm half way through the book, and I'm very happy with what I'm learning. Excellent product."

Mark Birmingham

Portland, ME
"I want to compliment you on the course ‘How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price’. I have developed training materials over the course of time, and I know how difficult it is to keep the information factual and appealing. The money spent on this course is the best investment I have made in many a year."

Carol Weinreich

Placerville, CA
“I finally finished your course today, and I wanted to tell you again that it was great. I got more than my money's worth and I'd recommend it to anyone, even a seasoned businessman. So, thanks again for the best business course I've ever taken!”

Andy Blank

St Paul, Minnesota
“I recently purchased your coursework on buying a business. The material was excellent. I've read numerous books on the topic in the past and have never come across such clear and meaningful direction on the entire process. You seemed to have covered every important areas, and answered all of the questions that were going through my head before I read the coursework. I must admit that I still find the process a little intimidating, but you have broken it down in to very clear steps with all of the bases covered. This will serve as an excellent guide to perform sanity checks on my process and to remove some of the mystery. Your section on Due Diligence, in particular, really helps to give me confidence that I really can prevent myself from entering in to a bad business deal. Thanks for putting the course together.”

Ohidus Mia

San Diego, CA
"Thanks for keeping in touch. My wife (& business partner) have been reading your material, sometimes more than once, and enjoy it immensely."

Ross Ballantyne

Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand
“My husband & I are looking into buying a business that closely mirrors the one he started up 6 years ago. Ours is a home based structural steel business, and we are looking to purchase an existing structural fabricating shop for immediate growth to that business. I have found your book to be so much more informative than I could have imagined. I have just completed the section with the mock concrete exercise. I did OK, but you gave me so much more to think about. I am reading and studying several hours a day, and enjoying it immensely. Thank you so much for providing such an informative and well written reference.”

Karen Hunsanger

Riverside, CA
“Before I bought my business I read How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price from cover to cover. The information it provided, and the insight into the process of purchasing a business were invaluable to me. I highly recommend this course to anyone even thinking about buying a business."

Dylan Garland

President - Bizquest -Los Angeles, CA - bizquest.com
“I downloaded the information from the Internet and once I starting reading the info I could not put it down. The information included in the book is amazing and it is so much easier to have something to refer back to when you are working on a particular section of the purchase. Once again thank you for the great resource.”

Peter Newman

Albion, QLD, Australia

“You provide a tremendous service to those looking to expand in business. Keep up the great work. Talk to you soon.”

Rick Cisneros- New York, NY

“I did finish reading your book after almost three weeks!!! I feel that I have to personally thank you for it. It is definitely priceless for me! It triggers me, alerts me, reminds me, and the most important: it surges me that I really can be my own boss if I follow your guideline.”

Hong Chang – Whitefish Bay, WI

“Thank you for your quick response back to my questions from last week. They were helpful as I continue on my trek to find a business.. I especially wanted to thank you for the Excel valuation spreadsheet. It produced results about 5% within the price range of the business I am currently investigating. Actually, your bottom number came in a little lower than mine, which confirms that I need to review the risks and assign more weight before I decide on an offer price. As kudos to your program, I believe my assessment skills are appreciably enhanced as I know I would have determined an offer price much higher had I not read your information. As you indicated, the process is kinda fun. I am probably enjoying the analyzing/buying process as much as the future ownership concept. Appreciate your support and efforts.”

Jeff Dickerson – Jarrettsville, MD

“Your course is AWESOME — I use it all the time. THANKS so much for your advice. This may be the best money I have ever spent.”

Bernard Douthit – Denver, CO

“I’ve found your book to be of tremendous value. You have really performed a service in writing in your straightforward manner. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge!”

Phyllis H. Detwiler – Middletown, New Jersey
“I must say indeed it was worth buying your course. I have enriched my expertise more than with any other materials that I have thus far read.”

Dominique Dauphin

Berwyn, IL
“I have sold three businesses but I have never purchased a business. Your book is great. I learned a lot and had a lot of thoughts confirmed. The book is worth every penny. Thanks a lot!”

Barry Dyer

Wendell, NC
“I finished reading through your book and looked through most of the attachments, and it is very informative. It also appears to be a good way to valuate a business.”

Fred Ege

Elburn, IL
"Your book is excellent. I just wish I bought it 3 months ago."

Rob Frasier Yorba Linda

"I devoured your course in a day and a half. I have evaluated businesses for a number of years; I have an MBA and took courses in finding and managing a small business; but yours is the most complete set of materials I have seen."

Clint Farrell

Briarcliff Manor, NY
“I cannot thank you enough for "How to buy a Good Business...". It is a tremendous help in getting organized for the process.”

Gregg Fischer

Wheaton, IL
“A great resource and I have thoroughly enjoyed the style and content of the program.”

Christopher Green

Wangaratta, VIC, Australia
"I've worked through two-thirds of your course and I have to say that this is the most comprehensive business buying course in existence! I'm thoroughly impressed by the content (and context) and would gladly recommend it to any and all potential business buyers."

Brian L. Shawver

Bend, OR
“Richard, I received the materials last week and read through them the first day. The materials are highly informative and I feel more empowered to "Buy a good Business at a Great Price". In addition, the materials have helped my wife become more excited about being a co-owner.”

Paul Gavin

Evergreen, CO
"I want to take the time to thank you for this wonderful product; I have learned many things I was ignorant about and continue to learn new things every day."

Carlos Herrera Jr.

Escondido, California

“I would like to thank you on an outstanding guide on how to buy a business. It has filled me with confidence.”

Peter Irlam – United Kingdom

“I found your web site last week and purchased your book today. I have been looking for this kind of information for the last four years and must say this is a truly a God-send.”

Steve Jones – Keystone Heights, FL

“Dear Mr. Parker, I finished your course today and I must tell you I think it was worth every penny! I did own a business for 15 years but I learned more from your course than I did in all that time. I am currently negotiating with a hair salon and feel much more equipped to handle it all since I have the course to refer back to. I am not in the habit of writing to every person who sells a product to me but you did such a fine job that I felt I should let you know how I feel. Once again, thank you – the job you did was exceptional.”

Christine Hanson – Rio Nido, CA

“Thanks for the check up and the information was well worth the investment. I really needed a template on how to go about this and you should feel good that you have provided a very valuable tool.”

Tray Raymond- Scottsdale, Arizona

“Just wanted to let you know how useful I find the program purchased recently through your web site… I have used it as a guide and feel much more comfortable knowing I have this resource to rely on and help me through all the stages and details.”

Bryan Rolfe – Huntington Beach, CA
"Your course has taken much of the guesswork out the process for me. With out your help (and the course) I may not have had the nerve to make the Letter of Intent offer."

Eric Johnson

Bountiful, UT
“I ordered your e-book back in June (order ID: 76105) and it's been a great help to me and my husband. It's a great value add that you allow e-book customers to email you with questions. And I love the email tips you send now and then. I'm a marketing gal so my radar is always up for good marketing practices. Thanks for your time. And thanks for the road map. It makes driving the car much easier. “

Tanya Januszko

Carlsbad, CA
"Thanks for the follow up. I’ve been going through the information you sent and found it to be very interesting and more to it than I had expected."

Mark Kroeplin

Bottineau, ND
"How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price is a must read for all business buyers. The tips and information you learn from this course are amazing. Highly recommended - it will save you time and money!"

Jim Brown

GlobalBX.com - San Francisco, CA
“We have found your information straight forward, easy to understand and packed with valuable tips that we would have overlooked had we started our search prior to reading this guide. The knowledge we have gained has given us a boost of confidence that we formerly lacked. Thank you for your insight.”

Donna LeClair and Mark Wormwood

Mount Ida, AR
“I just finished my first "read through" of your book. Very well done...easy to read, thorough and with some excellent business philosophy and negotiating tactics.”

Rich Lalley

Lake Zurich, IL
“I am about 75% through my 'first pass" of your book. It is really very educational, and I am learning much more than I expected. In other words, you've made me feel quite good! I also like the profile of your marketing approach... very even and low pressure…Glad to find a non-Rich Dad format.”

Jerry Lineback

Winston-Salem, NC
“Thanks for your insight!! Your book has really helped focus my business plans and put the buying process into manageable steps. Kudos to you!!”

Allen Lee

Chandler, OK
“I am very impressed with the program. You have put together a great instructional guide for me-the first time buyer. Thank you for the information, it's worth a lot more than I paid for it.”

Scott Morrow

Western Springs, IL
“Mr. Parker, I can't thank you enough for your wonderful course. I have the energy and desire, but your course provided the direction and information I could not find else ware in such an efficient format. I am just starting my pursuit into buying a business, and have no doubt that will be the end result. Thanks again”

Steve Pisano

Des Plaines, IL

“You won’t believe it but I got the ultimate compliment at the deal closing last week: the seller called me a “shark”. I figured you’d love to hear that. Thanks for everything and I’ll be in touch.”

Henry Segal- Austin, TX

“I recently purchased your book, how to buy a good business at a great price. I have found it to be invaluable so far.”

David Sturzenegger- Runaway Bay, QLD Australia

“Thank you a lot for guiding me through the buying process. I know I have never met you. But I know you are here helping me and guide me on every step with your extensive experience as well as spiritual encouragement. It makes me feel so confident to move forward to owning my own business. I will follow your advice to contact the listing brokers respectively and let you know my process.”

Selene Yin – Knoxville, TN

“I have hardly put the book down since I printed it. ”

Stan Smith- Gahanna, Ohio

“You have created a great course on business buying.”

Gennady Zelenkov – Wellington, New Zealand
"I found your course to be an excellent resource and some of the wisest money I have spent."

Drew Fleming

Evans, GA
"I am so glad I found your book. I've been working at a job that really has not satisfied me. I've always said I was going to own my own business some day, and I've decided that now is the time. I'm about half way through the course and I get more and more excited everyday, it’s all I think about. Thank you for any guidance you can give me, and thank you for writing this course. I don't know that I would have ever gone through with this if I would not have found your book."

Mark Ford

Mt. Juliet, TN
“Dear Mr. Parker I like your program so much that I just ordered a copy for both of my sons.”

Bill Sawyer, Jr.

West Monroe, Louisiana
“I use your book as if it were the manual for assembling a jet engine or something. Like the Bible. I can't tell you what an asset it has been. Thanks Again!!!”

Steve Simpson

Pasadena, CA
"This program is exactly what I needed. I am currently looking to purchase an existing business (first timer) and have been disorganized and haphazard. I wish they taught something like this in college. It seems all the skills they teach in universities are only useful when working for companies. This product is certainly value-added."

Henry Wang

Doraville, GA
"I am about 3/4 of the way through the course. It is nothing short of great. It cuts to the chase and does not beat around the bush. Thanks!! "

Jerry Watkins

Norris City, IL
"Your course is superb. My only regret is that I had not run across this resource earlier, prior to my last business."

Jeff Boaz

San Diego, CA
Now that you are checking up on me, thanks,, for the follow-up. Yes the material is invaluable and needs a Mind-Changing attitude to reel in the benefits.... Somewhat like cosmetic surgery of the mind."

Peter Washington

Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom
“I wanted to write and tell you how thrilled I am with your course. It has really inspired and reassured me that I am doing the right things in order to buy a business.”

Emily Mallory

Bay City, MI
"After having the pleasure of dealing with Mr. Parker one on one, I have to say that I couldn't imagine purchasing a business without his guidance. If you are planning on purchasing a business How To Buy A Good Business At A Great Price is a must have."

Don Daszkowski

BusinessMart.com - Sayreville, NJ
"BuyTradeBiz is proud to be associated with Richard Parker and How to Buy a Good Business at a Great Price! The guide offers invaluable tools and resources for any one that is planning to buy a business or selling a business or interested in franchise for sale offerings. The articles on the website are highly informative and a must read for both current and prospective business owners."

Sweta Shah

Norcross, GA
"I found the depth of knowledge, the resources and sound advice in Diomo’s course to be invaluable. This is a must have buyer's bible for anyone contemplating purchasing a business."

David Fairley - President

WebsiteProperties - Yelm, WA - Websiteproperties.com



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